Election of Dr. Juan Parodi to the Presidency of the FJV lnternational Society

Juan Parodi, MD

It is my great pleasure to announce the election of Dr. Juan Parodi to the Presidency of the Frank J Veith International Society for the upcoming academic year.

Dr. Parodi’s contributions to Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapies are legendary. Millions of individuals throughout the globe have already benefitted from his brilliant scientific innovations and many more lives are expected to be saved in the decades to come.  Juan Parodi was the first to perform an endovascular repair of an infra-renal aortic aneurysm in the Western civilization.

After demonstrating excellent results obtained with this new technique in his native Argentina, Juan was invited to perform a similar procedure in the United States. Aided by Dr. Frank Veith and our current president Dr. Michael Marin the first American EVAR was successfully accomplished in New York City.

This minimally invasive but revolutionary approach to the treatment of such deadly condition catapulted vascular surgery into a whole new landscape and provided the necessary impetus for our specialty to redefined itself and move bravely into this new and extended field of vascular surgery. And so it began the era of endovascular therapy for vascular surgeons across the world…

From saving the life of Pope Francis by urgently operating on him when he was a poor priest dying of sepsis caused by a gangrenous gallbladder to a life devoted to minimize the number of significant complications associated with the treatment of carotid disease, aortic interventions and more recently peripheral arterial disease Dr. Parodi is a perfect example of a great, charismatic leader whose scientific contributions have profoundly changed vascular surgery making it safer and more effective. Indeed, he may have saved our specialty.

For these and many other important contributions the FJVI Society is proud and honored to have Dr. Juan Parodi, a legend, as its President!

Enrico Ascher, MD
Executive Director