COVI9-19: How has it impacted your practice?

In this post thread, we invite all practicing vascular specialists to comment/share their experiences managing the vascular patient with COVID-19.

Epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of arterial thromboembolism just to name a few. 
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  1. -Amazing how Covid -19 changed our life’s and daily practice as Vascular surgeons .I am Especially worried with the High in-Hospitalar mortality rate.
    “About 10% of the patients affected with COVID-19 develop severe disease and need hospital admission. About 5% will progress to Respiratory or multiorgan failure needing ICU admission and ventilatory support .”
    So, How to avoid Covid 19 severe clinical evolution?
    Trying to ask that question we published :

    “Can we manage prophylactic therapy in COVID-19 patients to prevent severe illness complications?”

    Many patients with COVID-19 have thromboembolic complications that worsen their prognosis. Herein, the authors propose a modified version of the CHA 2 DS 2-VASc score, including 1 point for COVID-19, so that prophylaxis to protect against thromboembolic events would be indicated before the condition becomes severe. The advantages of this modification would be prevention of the patient’ s condition worsening due to thromboembolic problems and reduction of the likelihood of a need for intensive care and mechanical ventilation, reducing mortality.

    At this moment,
    I think that’s the bottom line of this frightening disease, indeed!!

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